Spearmint Rhino, Tottenham Court Road, London

spearmintrhinoSpearmint Rhino has to be one of London’s most popular strip clubs on the circuit and being located in Tottenham Court Road, travel to and from the location is very easy on public transport. They have a pretty good selection of dancers for the evening and generally are said to have about 20 dancers rotating.

There have been a lot of reviews on the internet about Spearmint Rhino, some good and some not so good. Like any strip club, things generally go better when not too much alcohol has been consumed as this is where in many cases things can go a bit pear shaped!

Generally the punters in the club are a good mix of tourists, people living in London, people visiting for birthdays and stag parties etc. all in all quite a fun joint to visit on the weekend

For those that dont know the Spearmint Rhino is a large chain with clubs around the world. For those with a but more extravangant taste there is always the option for VIP booths and also

Rating – 7/10

Phone Number – 020 7209 4488

Opening Hours –

Sunday 6pm–2am
Monday 3pm–3am
Tuesday 3pm–4am
Wednesday 3pm–4am
Thursday 3pm–4am
Friday 3pm–4am
Saturday 6pm–4am

Website – Click Here

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